January 2018

Welcome to the New Year, 2018! What will year 2018 bring with it? Who can tell? There are so many uncertainties that come as the calendar turns over a new page. The most important question for every follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is: “How will we respond to the year ahead?” 2018 has the potential to bring about tremendous change in each of our lives. For some, it could mean amazing blessing. For others, it could be the most trying year of your life. For every believer, it means we must find a way to hide in the shadow of God’s wings, “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” (Psalm 17:8; ESV) Wow, we are the apple of Yahweh’s eye! How awesome is that? If we are the apple of God’s eye, He must have something very special instore for us. What could God have instore for you in 2018? What is it that God has planned for Victory Baptist Church in 2018?

My prayer, as we approach 2018, is that we all, will have a greater resolve to make God the priority of our life. If, and we are, the apple of God’s eye, living with the blessing of His promise, provision, and protection, doesn’t He deserve more of our devotion? As a community of faith, I am praying that we will have a greater resolve to do more to connect with the community around us, whether in Mt. Juliet, Wilson County, Tennessee, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or around the globe. I am praying as we live in the shadow of God’s wings this year that we will all have a greater sense of what that means as we relate to Him and our neighbors. We are so blessed to be the apple of God’s eye and as such we are to be a blessing to those around us. Would you pray as to how you might be a blessing? A blessing to God. A blessing to His church. A blessing to those He came to save.

I am praying that 2018 will be a year to remember for each of us. A year where God speaks into our lives with such an amazing grace that we can never be the same. A year where the Victory Baptist family will resolve to take up the banner of Christ and march under it until all of Mt. Juliet finds God’s peace which can only come through a reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ. Will we, as God ambassadors, allow Him to make His appeal to those around us? Be reconciled! I am praying for 2018 to be a breakthrough year for Victory Baptist Church as we become as concerned for the lost in Mt. Juliet and how we live each day is influencing their desire to know Jesus as we are with things that seem to consume our attention. I am praying that each of us will remember that as the apple of Yahweh’s eye we are to bless the nations (all people).

God bless you and Happy New Year!

Jeremiah 29:7

Dr. Chuck Groover​