Dr. Chuck Groover​

February 2018
Greetings in the Name of the One True God and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ. As you read this, I am asking of you a personal privilege in this month’s article. February has been designated as a time when we send expressions of love to those we consider to be special in our lives (Valentine’s). Well I am sending my expressions to those who are special to me as I write this note.
First, to my true Valentine, Syble who has been the love of my life since February 17, 1979, the day I met her. We will celebrate 39 years of marriage on July 21, 2018 and I how blessed I am. Syble’s love and devotion to our Lord and her dedication to our covenant of marriage, continues to be a source of encouragement and support in our calling to serve Him.
To my family, for their willingness to allow me the freedom to follow God’s calling in my life. As I watch my dad in his journey toward his eternal reward, I am aware that I will soon be without (here on earth) his affirmation of God’s purpose for my life. Please continue to pray for my mom and my family as we walk through this time together. Your prayers and cards have meant so much to my folks.
To my Victory Baptist family, for your kind and generous support of me during the time we have been together in the work God has called us to here in the Middle Tennessee area. While there have been times where we have walked through fiery trials together, God has been more than faithful to us and His grace has always been found sufficient. To the Victory staff I want to say thank you for your devoted service. To so many who have provided words of reassurance as I walk through this time with my family. To those who have given gifts of support. You will never know how your gifts have assisted me and my family. My love for the Victory Baptist family has never been stronger. Thank you, does not seem adequate, but I pray you will receive my heartfelt gratitude for all you do to strengthen me in the task God has privileged me with.  
Blessings to all,
Bro. Chuck
John 15:9