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We invite you to join us each Sunday morning for our LIVE Webcast of that day's worship service.
These live webcasts are a great way to join with our church family in worship when you are not able to attend in person.
Also they are an effective outreach tool to share the message of Jesus Christ. Be sure to bookmark this page
and you'll always be one click away from joining our worship.

Please note:
1. If you come to this webpage before the webcast has begun, you may need to "refresh" this webpage to make the  connection to the webcast.
2. If you are have issues with the webcast freezing or buffering, please be sure there are no other apps, programs or browser windows open to other websites running on your computer. This can slow your internet and computer speeds.

LIVE Video Webcast Viewer

LIVE Webcast AUDIO ONLY Player
If you are having video streaming problems, try this AUDIO ONLY LIVE webcast player.
Be sure to first click the Pause button on the video player above.

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Watch our Modern Worship via Facebook Live
each Sunday morning at 10:45AM!
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reminders on this Live webcast event!